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HandBrake configuration settings

I've recently started tinkering with FRAPS to record in-game videos and export them to YouTube, and it's pretty cool.  But I made one mistake - recording video at 1920x1200 creates just under 4GB of video every 90 seconds.

I've changed it to record at half resolution, but I've got a number of 4GB 1.5-minute video files that need converting.  HandBrake's pretty useful for that.  However, I have had some minor issues with it creating unplayable output files.  No doubt I'll figure it out (I've only been using it for about half an hour so far), but in the meantime this seems pretty reliable:

- Presets: Regular: Normal (fast conversion rate - slightly faster than realtime - but doesn't necessarily look as good or compress as well.  Still, 35MB is a great deflate from nearly 4GB.

- ^: ^: High Profile.  Perhaps not compatible with as many devices according to the rollover help on the Advanced tab (for things such as Reference Frames), but I'm creating these for YouTube and what have you.  Anyway, I'm experimenting and just need it compressed right now.

Not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison (I used a similar but not the same video clip), but I can't fault the quality of either preset, nor the file size - 30-35MB.

- Large file size: UNchecked (not checked; disabled).

- Picture: Size: Source: 1920 x 1200
- Anamorphic: Loose
- Width: 768

Resulting Display Size: 768x480.  Good enough for practice/getting familiar with the program, and it looks superb.

I saved the profile as "480p"

- Set a valid Default Path under the Tools: Output Files tab.  That may have been what was contributing to my unreadable videos at first.

Then I just hit "Source: Video File", and click "Start encoding".

I'm not sure if it works properly with the bulk approach - I thought it was what was causing my videos to come out unreadable, but it may have been one of the other settings above.  I'll have to try that again later, and check the logs for errors.


Incidentally, when I do get a chance to upload and link the video sample(s) I'm discussing from Need for Speed: Shift, a couple of points:
- I've turned off all the driving assists for increased realism.
- I'm just getting started learning to drive in a more realistic simulator (rather than arcade fashion).  I'm not normally such a crazy driver.