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Firefox customizations and extensions - Wireball preferences

Just some notes on my preferred settings for future reference.  If someone else finds them useful, so much the better.  This is just a bare framework; I may flesh it out if I find the article useful.


about:config changes of notice

(no more hitting backspace without a text field selected and accidentally going back a page!  Yay!)

(just experimenting with this one - I haven't noticed any particular performance impact from Firefox saving my tab states as frequently as 15 seconds (15,000 ms) - but I could probably live with 30 seconds)

(naturally - I realize that every time I tweak the config file, I could break things - I don't need to be warned about it anymore)

(experimental - slightly lower than the 250ms default)

(experimental - significantly shorter than the 10 sec default)

I decided against increasing the max connections per server, and max persistent connections per server - that strikes me as the sort of thing that could be prohibited or blocked by certain servers, and I don't really need to be debugging things as I'm surfing the web - enough websites don't load naturally without me having to wonder if it owes to config overrides that might get me banned.

References for about:config



A straight copy and paste from my bookmarks: Firefox extensions: best (preferred) directory.  Note to self: explanations of why I like using these may be helpful to those who do not know what I'm thinking.

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