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Wireball's Links & Bookmarks

Wireball recommended links, by category. Distilled down to the very best and most interesting sites, with brief summaries of their functions. Last updated 16-July-2006

Hardware News, Reviews & Modding

  1. Ars Technica
    Computer-related news and reviews. The Ars Technica OpenForums have some of the finest technical minds around.
  2. HardOCP
    Links to the latest computer-related news and articles; updated many times daily.
  3. The Tech Report
    Their reviews tend to be excellent - where else can you find a head-to-head shoot-out of sound cards?
    Case modding. The gallery is especially interesting.
  5. (formerly at How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Laptop or Notebook A list linking to laptop repair articles, with a short description for each.

Computer Repair & Consulting Companies
Please note that I am not affiliated with, and cannot vouch for, any companies listed here. If in doubt, check your local listings.

  1. PC Remedy ( Onsite computer repair & networking in the Alabama state, greater Birmingham area (you can also mail your computer to them for repair, something I've been considering doing for a business as well).

Webcomics [click here for the full list...]

  1. Hellbound
    I find this one quite humorous, and it has excellent art. I encountered this one through the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon (see here), and it appealed to my twisted sense of humor. Full color, updates every Thursday. Recommended for ages 14 and up.
  2. Zebra Girl
    Great introduction. I like anthropomorphic webcomic characters, but weird science fiction/fantasy creatures can be even better. Updated once a week on Fridays (it's a big update).
  3. Bruno the Bandit
    Lately, this one has broken out of the old mold somewhat, meaning its characters are starting to play their roles differently, and changes persist. Fantasy/adventure, humor-oriented. Updated three times a week.
  4. Herd Thinners Incorporated
    Anthropomorphic Webcomic - pretty interesting premise. The name should give you an idea of what I mean, but the storyline has a lot of nice twists. Go read it and see. Updated daily.
  5. Catharsis Comic
    Quite decent reading. I find it rather soothing, myself.
    To take a quote from one of their weirder banner ads: "Pirate socks, naked squirrels, sentient dust, and home of the patented dragon noogie."
  6. [more...]

Hardware Companies

  1. MultiWave Direct
    A very reliable seller of computer hardware, based in California. I've ordered from this company while I was living in Nevada. Good warranty, prices, and selection.
  2. NewEgg
    I've ordered from this company several times. They commonly have reasonably low prices (sometimes very low), free shipping on various items on various times (occasionally, though, the shipping can be a bit over what it should be), and they tend to get my orders to me in 1-2 business days here in southern California, when the order ships from their L.A. warehouse.
  3. Coolerguys
    A wide variety of computer cooling products, heatsinks, and accessories such as rounded cables. I've ordered from their garage sale (now rolled into the main store) and their main store several times with good results.
  4. Plycon
    Similar to Coolerguys, but different computer cooling products.
    Surplus and hard-to-find lightbulbs via mailorder. Despite having very basic site design (the order form is like something out of a mail-order catalog), the prices are outstanding, the quality seems fine, and I quite like the low shipping prices (last ordered: October 2005). Recommended.

Software Companies

  1. Spiderweb Software
    The developer of the popular Exile series of RPG shareware games. Their shareware games have a lot of content - download, play, and purchase the game if you like it!
  2. The Logic Factory
    Developer of the popular Ascendancy, a game of galactic conquest, with unique alien species and randomly created galaxies. Currently working on Ascendancy II - here's hoping they get it done soon! (say, by 2004)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

  1. The Discworld Artwork of Paul Kidby
    Paul Kidby does the illustrations and artwork for Terry Pratchett Discworld novels - it is of very high quality. The Death of Rats artwork is especially entertaining.
    An independent Star Wars site. Check out the fan films - I especially recommend PA Wars, Duel of the Fakes, and Troops. If you like music videos, Jabba on the Dais is also very good.
  3. Yesterday's Future Tomorrows
    A sci-fi magazine. This site is by a semi-retired hollywood prop maker. Lots of interesting reading, and some neat pictures of props used in popular movies such as Star Trek and Robocop.
  4. Garb the World
    Makers of Medieval, Fantasy and Renaissance Costumes and Clothing. Ready to wear or made to measure. Good quality work, and great cloaks.

Multiple Monitors

  1. Multi Monitor Resources
    A well-run site providing a wealth of information on setting up and configuring multiple monitors. By Christian Studer, owner of Realtime Soft.

3D Graphics

  1. Pelican 3D
    A collection of 3D Renderware (.rwx) objects for use in Active Worlds. Some freebies, such as a 50-texture pack, many for sale. Check out their catalog!
  2. 3D Artists
    A large gallery of 3D artwork by several hundred different 3D artists. With user ratings. A good resource for getting ideas, or just browsing and looking at neat 3D creations.
  3. Caligari 3D Animation Gallery
    Roughly eight years of submissions to the monthly Caligari trueSpace 3D animation contest. Some of these are quite entertaining. In a variety of different video formats and codecs (reliable codec packs are freely available for download).

Sites Linking Wireball

  1. Alphus's Homepage (Computer-Related Stuff)
    The site hasn't been updated in a while, but the Computer Program Reviews are potentially interesting.
  2. TuxMobil: How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Laptop or Notebook A list linking to laptop repair articles, with a short description for each.
  3. Avatar Magazine It appears to be in Norwegian, but they linked to my site, so I'm not complaining :) Contains Active Worlds material.
  4. (formerly It's a Webcomic site, by Ray of Raytoons! The TI-83 games may be of interest to some.
  5. If you have a site with a link to, please send me an e-mail advising me of it, and I may, at my discretion, add a link to your site somewhere on this page.

Web Design

  1. Golden Web Awards
    Given to sites with exceptional design, originality, and good content. The Golden Web Awards site lists all their award winners - great for just browsing.
  2. Web Design in a Nutshell
    Second edition. A great book for learning what you need to know to design a great site. It's been a big help with enhancing my site.
  3. Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen on Usability
    Designing websites for ease of use, visitor-friendliness, and avoiding pitfalls. Includes weekly columns, and news links to good design -related articles. Discussion of current issues in Web Usability.
  4. Web Pages That Suck -- Examples of Bad Web Design
    Current live examples of bad web design techniques, and commentary. Also includes articles on how to avoid bad design.

Search Engines

  1. Google
    A very useful search engine. The Google Groups newsgroup archives are extensive, and great for research, including programming.
  2. The Babelfish Translation Tool
    An Altavista site, this can be used to translate text and webpages in a variety of languages (except Norwegian).

Other / Miscellaneous

  1. Anti-virus help at
  2. General Tech Support help at - general/software tech support advice. Ask on the forums - it's free. But read the policies before posting.
  3. The Usenet Oracle - also known as the Internet Oracle. Inventive and sometimes meaningless questions, answered creatively and entertainingly. It's a distributed system, with supplicants being mailed someone else's question to answer, and the funniest and cleverest answers being selected by the Oracular Priesthood for inclusion in the famous Oracularities.
  4. HOWTO write ass-kicking emails and get a response
    A good one-page primer. If in doubt, check it out (argh, the rhymes!)

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