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Just who is this Wireball?

Wireball: The Online Profile
I've managed to lie pretty low over the years - you may have heard the term "Googling" someone, to find out their history, using the search engine - it used to be impossible to find any matches on me. Now you know that the real Wireball is the holder of the one true domain. "Real" name? What's that?

Distributed Computing
I run eight computers at home on Folding@Home, comprising about 9.17GHz of number crunching, not counting the borged systems (belonging to other users, but crunching numbers under my name, with permission). more info

The computing power in Folding@Home goes into combating horrible diseases such as Alzheimer's, as well as others. Folding only uses your idle CPU cycles and some memory - I've run before and after benchmarks without and with it, and it didn't impact performance. Don't let your CPU cycles go to waste - if you don't run Folding@Home, download the free client and start crunching numbers for team 14 today!

My computers <- click here.

In keeping with the current theme of this site (I'll become more professional when I want to) I like the Aliens movies - I identify with them. The Aliens. If you have ever played Aliens vs. Predator, you might know what I mean.
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Bases of Operations, and Computing Milestones
Point 1 of 6: I hail from New Zealand originally, where I lived for a few years, though I only remember bits and pieces of it, as I was in the beginning years of my invasion of Earth, and my thought processes were in their early stages. A beautiful place, though the weather, particularly on south island, can change with very little warning and literally freeze you solid if you're careless.

Point 2 of 6: After N.Z. I spent a while in the Philippines, which was a bit of a war zone, but there was a moratorium on killing foreigners at that time (and what is an alien, if not a foreigner?), because foreigners were rightly considered to be at least semi-vital to the infrastructure of the country. Unfortunately, I hear that the situation has declined lately and kidnapping is much more rife.

Point 3 of 6: Then it was on to the U.S., which I've spent many years in, intermittently. My preference is for Seattle, Washington, because my species likes cold climates best, preferably with snow. Forks, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula, is also nice, in that it's a temperate rain forest with a mountain in the center and so is very scenic and tends to be cool and rainy a fair portion of the year (and the winters can be really great). So much the better if it's perpetually dark and overcast, though unfortunately this blocks out some of the light frequencies my species needs for good state of mind - I compensate for it with full spectrum daylight flourescent lighting near some of my work areas.

Point 4 of 6: I've also lived in Pohnpei, Micronesia, in the Pacific Ocean for a few years. I knew a bit about computers before this, but this is really when I started getting into computer technology and maintenance for the local college. I was into about the 12th year of my residency on Earth by this time. Boy, was that a hot, wet, humid climate! It was actually kind of pleasant in the winter months, though. And the dining on the island was excellent! The island had really fantastic coral reefs around it - that's where I learned the ins and outs of using self-contained underwater breathing apparatus and avoiding decompression sickness. Although Pohnpei had great coral reefs, it had few beaches, most of which were man-made; the vast majority of the island was ringed by mangrove forests, which have very spiky roots at the water's edge and a short ways out into the water. For further information, there's an interesting article called Life in Pohnpei for Expat Employees (url updated 17-Aug-2005), managed by Dana Lee Ling.

Point 5 of 6: Saipan, of the Northern Marianas Islands, was the next stop after Pohnpei. Location tip: Saipan is within about 100 miles of Guam. Slightly cooler, less humid than Pohnpei, though not a whole lot. A great deal farther west, closer to Japan, than Pohnpei as well. Saipan had beaches and was sort of a Japanese resort island, but there wasn't quite as great a selection of well-priced, excellent dining as there had been in Pohnpei (though we did eventually discover some decent places). Saipan is where I got into the art of disassembling and repairing laptops. I believe I was around the 15th year of my Earth occupation by then.

Point 6 of 6: Subsequent to Saipan, MP, it was back to Reno, Nevada (in the U.S.) to start a high-performance custom workstation computer company, building systems with two and four monitors (since I had become a specialist in multi-monitor computing by this time). This definitely began the 18th year of my occupation of Earth - I remember the day lasted 48 hours while flying over the northern Pacific, near the pole, from the stopover at Japan (I took a walk there - interesting place; the roads are a bit narrower than the U.S., and one gets an impression of high density, high technology, and the climate was cool - overall it was very nice).

I would like to show this on the X-COM: UFO Defense world map. Perhaps I will someday, and upload it as an animated GIF :)
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Computer Company
The computer company, which was known as Terran Robotics, had some successes; most notably it got a gaming system reviewed in the November 2000 issue of MaximumPC magazine. It was called the Wireball Assassin, and I designed and built that computer system. It received a 9/10 rating and the coveted MaximumPC Kick Ass! Product award (left out of the November issue by mistake, but credited in the December issue). Unfortunately, by this time the computer market was really crashing - we sold one system (the review system, upgraded and quieted). It was funny, though - prior to selling the one system, we got a call from someone claiming that he had a Wireball Assassin and was having a problem with it. I knew he must have built it himself, and it was having one of the exact same problems that we had initially experienced. I helped him anyway (why not?) and then said "Oh, by the way, I know this system of yours isn't a Wireball Assassin, because we haven't sold any Wireball systems yet :D "

Current: I'm no longer in Reno, NV, although I am in the vicinity of the west coast. The Wireball name was sold back to me a while ago, from a brief stint as a gaming computer system ;) Now who knows what I'm going to do - probably pursue an engineering degree as best I can and try to get into building robotics, plus building this website.
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Active Worlds
I participated in Active Worlds for several years, building various structures and chatting with the inhabitants, and even owned a small world called Sirocco for a while. I still have the building data for that world permanently archived on CD-R media.

The following data is a bit obfuscated, for purposes of preserving some anonymity of the being behind these pages, and having fun.


  1. Time spent terrorizing the pitiful Earthlings: 24 years
  2. Physically: Tall yet unusually lightweight compared to humans. High metabolism.
  3. Species: Not even Wireball knows this; hence the use of a generic grey alien avatar.
  4. Likes: Gadgets, webcomics, socializing (sometimes!), lunging out of dark corners.
  5. Dislikes: Social conflict, telephones, anything with a flamethrower.
  6. Motto: "Wombats are furry!"*
    * - (see: Douglas Adams' view of Australia)
  7. To get this creature's attention:
    The more detail the better (at least from a tech support standpoint). Things that are weird, cool, and original.
  8. Mental Strengths: Pattern recognition, troubleshooting procedures, attention to details.
  9. Mental Weaknesses: Difficulty organizing, occasional distractability. Ooh, a shiny object!
  10. Favorite Color: Blue. Definitely blue. Though green with gold accents runs a close second(ary).

Likes and practices all of these things:

    ▪ Computer tweaking, modifying, and upgrading
    ▪ 3D modeling and animation, drawing
    ▪ Robotics/mechanical stuff
    ▪ Computer gaming
    ▪ Bicycling
    ▪ Web design
    ▪ Programming
    ▪ Halloween/costume design
...and wishes he had time to become good at all of them.

So, now you know the truth about Wireball. Would I lie to you?
... Wait, what are you doing with that flame thrower? ... Get back! Back, I say! <fwooosh> AAARRGGGHHH!!! <rapidly retreating sound of skittering claws>

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