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Webcomics Suggested Reading, Recommendations

Webcomic recommendations - webcomics that I read and enjoy (especially those that are currently updating). Most have archives that go all the way to the beginning, with years of comics - the great productivity killer ;) Many also have some violence, and so may not be appropriate for children under 13. (I try to point these out, but I make no guarantees - who knows what evil lurks in the minds of webcartoonists? Muwahahahaaa ha hahah haaaaa!!!)

And no, I haven't settled on one rating system yet - I use a combination of age descriptions, movie-style ratings, and ESRB-style ratings. Also, ratings may not reflect the kind of ads that show up, particularly on the syndicated comics.

Last updated Friday, July 14, 2006 (Changed updating status on a few webcomics.)  Minor edit on Wed, December 8, 2010 (fixed image links on new CMS)

Webcomic Favorites by date added

  1. The Tailybones
    By Eric Moore, artist/author of Youthtopia. Entertaining, about a bunch of college students forming an extremely strange band. Very imaginative. Black & white, updating Mon/Wed/Fri. Suitable for most audiences; rated PG.
  2. Dragon Tails
    An entertaining 3D rendered webcomic, about young dragons acting crazy (no wonder the older dragons make them live out in the woods, far, far away, where all the explosions and mayhem will cause less of a disturbance). Has years of archives. A nice new artstyle with updated texturing debuts for 2006. Currently updating on Sundays. Suitable for most, probably all audiences; rated PG.
  3. Code Name: Hunter
    The premise in this story is that the seals between the magical world and what seems to be WWII-era London are weakening. I'm rather enjoying the storyline so far, though it is still in the relatively early stages. Beautiful colored-pencil shaded artwork somewhat earlier; the artist has recently switched to a new coloring method which isn't as exciting but does allow more frequent updates. Updates about once or maybe twice a week. Suitable for most audiences; rated PG.
  4. Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman
    Sort of a spoof of Half-Life 2, or comic set in the HL2 universe, made using the HL2 engine. Quite humorous. This contains major plot spoilers, and the creator recommends having played HL2 before reading it. This comic is set somewhat before the arrival of Gordon Freeman in City 17, and follows the progress of an inept, somewhat unwise (or crazy) person by the name of Frohman, Gordon Frohman, that seems to be indestructible, and following a similar path to what Freeman will follow in the game. References galore. Recommended for ages 14+, for language and violence, iirc.
  5. Hellbound
    I find this one quite humorous, and it has excellent art. I encountered this one through the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon (see here), and it appealed to my twisted sense of humor. Full color, updates every Thursday. Recommended for ages 14 and up.
    El Goonish Shive. Why do the really good webcomics have such weird names? Ah yes, because the people that draw them are so weird (I should talk). Nicely drawn, both in black & white, and color. Generally updates the main comic 1-3 times a week; as often as Mon/Wed/Fri. Recommended for ages 13+.
  7. Gossamer Commons (on hiatus for quite a while)
    A writer-blocked writer sees a fairy and is slated for death. It's shaping up to have a strong storyline, and the B&W art is well done. Switches to a new artist around the Nov. 25 '05 point in the storyline; both artists are good. Appears to update MWF. Rated PG.
  8. Dudley's Dungeon: A Nethack Comic
    If you haven't played Nethack, or at least Rogue, you are a sad, deprived person, and this webcomic is not for you :D Updating five times a week. Suitable for most audiences; rated PG.
  9. TWoC - The Wings of Change
    A fantasy webcomic set in a medieval-esque world. Nice artwork, sometimes in greyscale, sometimes in color. Updating roughly three to four times a month at the moment (slightly less than weekly). Seems to be appropriate for all audiences.
  10. Charby the Vampirate
    A sort of fantasy adventure webcomic. Like most Webcomics, the art is simpler in the beginning (although it is largely in color!), but it advances rapidly and is quite good. Expect an update usually at least once a week (it used to be faster, but there are some factors slowing down the artist at the moment). Recommended for ages 14+ due to blood, gore, and violence. Pretty upbeat for all that.
  11. Girl Genius Online Comics
    Gaslamp Fantasy (also known as "Steampunk") - Victorian-style technology and airships, to name a few aspects. This one has a fantastic, high-detail B&W drawing style (seems to go to color later on), with lots of high techology gadgets and interesting clockworks (or maybe I just like drawings of machines - you decide!). And robots! (Or "clanks", as they call them). Interesting storyline - I recommend beginning with the 101, since it starts from the beginning. Updated Mon/Wed/Fri. I would think of it as suitable for most audiences, but there is some running around in Victorian underwear, so rated Teen by the authors (recommended for ages 14+).
  12. [Nemesis]
    A comic about a planet with a high number of genetically-enhanced superheroes (or "Numen") and the bias against non-Numen in enforcement positions. There also seems to be someone murdering Numen. Interesting plotline, looks like it's shaping up to be quite detailed. Neat artstyle, color. Rated PG. Updates once a week, on Mondays I believe.
  13. Dire Destiny
    A high quality fantasy webcomic, with good detail full-page pencilled pages and an original storyline. I'd estimate PG-13 for some horror-like elements. Updated Tuesday and Friday. --(url fixed)
  14. DMFA at
    Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures. I discovered this one at least a year ago, and I love its positive, upbeat bent - plus, it's really fun to read. Archives start off with a very simple drawing style, but take a huge leap after about 75 strips. It's kind of nice, and encouraging, to see great artists start off simply and improve as they go along (well, I think they're great, anyway). Well thought-out and very well-drawn. Full color, updated Mon/Wed/Fri, with a separate backstory update on Saturdays usually. Rated PG.
  15. Zebra Girl (When It's Donetm)
    Great introduction. The interesting life of a human that gets turned into a demon. Very much like the ancient Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times. Updates erratically when a strip is finished; maybe three to four times a month now. Recommended for ages 14 and up.
  16. Sluggy Freelance
    Very open and unrestricted; there's always something new. It has science fiction and fantasy elements, among others, is well-illustrated (it gets better as you go along; some of the Sunday strips have been awe-inspiring), and very original. Highly recommended. Updated daily.
  17. Schlock Mercenary
    Science fiction storyline, interesting and original to read, not afraid to kill off characters and bring in new ones to keep the story flowing (but always for good reasons!) One of my absolute favorites for several years running. Updated daily with a zealous passion.
  18. Life on Forbez
    One of my early favorites, though updates are very irregular. Still, the drawing style is excellent and the storyline unique. Updates roughly one to three times a week; seems to average two updates per week currently. It has aliens in it, too.
  19. Catharsis Comic
    Quite decent reading. I find it rather soothing, myself.
    To take a quote from one of their weirder banner ads: "Pirate socks, naked squirrels, sentient dust, and home of the patented dragon noogie."
  20. Ozy and Millie
    This one is pretty neat! I found it somewhat reminiscent of Calvin & Hobbes at first. Updated roughly every 2-3 days. Suitable for all audiences.
  21. Bruno the Bandit
    This one has broken out of the old mold somewhat, meaning its characters are starting to play their roles differently, and changes persist. Fantasy/adventure, humor-oriented. Color, updated 5 days/wk.
  22. Herd Thinners Incorporated
    Anthropomorphic Webcomic - pretty interesting premise. The name should give you an idea of what I mean, but the storyline has a lot of nice twists. Go read it and see. Updated daily.
    The antics of a weird group of characters that work at a fictional magazine known as Player vs. Player Online. This one manages to stay fresh and interesting most of the time, and amusing (I loved the taser episode). Updated weekdays.
  24. Superosity, by Chris Crosby
    This one is almost always weird, and sometimes gross, but it keeps me coming back by sheer dint of interesting weirdness. Some of the late 2004 humor I found a bit stale, but it seems to have come back up to par lately. Alternate dimensions don't hurt either. Updated daily.
  25. The Wandering Ones
    This one takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and mainly centers around traditional Indian scouts and warriors, with a bit of future technology and warfare thrown into the mix. Very interesting ongoing adventure storyline, and realistic drawing style. Updated roughly once or twice a week.
    » You may also be interested in the artist's other webcomic, ShinKage (ended), which is a bit Prince Valiant-esque, in narrative style and such. Due to low readership numbers, it has now wrapped up the current story arc and will not likely be updating again.
  26. [RPG World] (Indefinite hiatus)
    On eternal hiatus at this time; may resume at some undisclosed point in the future. This webcomic takes place mostly inside of a game (it's interesting how they handle that). They are moving along in the plot towards the eventual showdown at the end of the game, so it's pretty interesting, and has a good storyline.
  27. Sinfest
    High quality stylized drawing style, with some crude humor and/or sexual themes, though it doesn't actually show much. Nonetheless, it is well done and usually entertaining. Updates 3-5 times/week. Probably acceptable for ages 14 and up, though I think it's targeted at adults.
  28. Real Life - The Online Comic
    This one tends to be interesting, entertaining, and has a somewhat persistent storyline, though it also has a lot of punchline jokes. Lately the artist has been going in more for persistent storylines, which are quite fun to read. Contrary to popular belief, it is not entirely based on real life ;) Updates 2-5 times/week. Suitable for all audiences.

  1. Monty
    Formerly known as Robotman. Weird, interesting, and entertaining. Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  2. Foxtrot
    This one tends to be interesting and weird. Funny too. Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  3. Non Sequitur
    Weird in a different way, generally interesting and good drawing style. The storyline is very slightly contiguous. A bit socio-political. Entertaining. Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  4. Arlo & Janis
    Fun and entertaining. Marked by its generally upbeat attitude and good-natured humor. But not bland - they squirt the cat with the hose, chase boats through windstorms on dry land, and ponder the issues (why do big jars cost more per ounce than small jars?) Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  5. Over the Hedge
    Nice and weird. Animals in a suburban setting, observing and generally interacting with the human's food storage. Generally funny. Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  6. Calvin and Hobbes at uComics
    The old classic. A sampling of C&H strips throughout the years, as they're published to the newspaper. Innovative, original, well-drawn, and interesting. The epitomy of weird, I'd say :) Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
    The office-based comic strip, with everyone's favorite, the Fist of Death (thought I was going to mention a pointy-haired someone, didn't you?) Probably everyone's heard of this one. It's good, though I'd be interested in a more persistent storyline now that it's been running for a few years. Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  8. Sheldon
    Entertaining, doesn't stick to old cliches'. Pretty nice and weird, semi-persistent storyline, and usually entertaining. This one actually made the jump from Webcomic to Syndication. Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  9. For Better or For Worse
    This one has a completely contiguous storyline, with passage of time, people being born and growing old, and things changing over time. It will start making sense if you read a week or two's worth. Interesting, entertaining, sometimes funny, ocassionally distressing, as is real life. Generally upbeat. Suitable for all audiences. Syndicated.
  10. Garfield
    I'm SURE everyone's heard of this one, so instead I'll link to Websnark's: You Had Me, And You Lost Me: Garfield (a pretty entertaining article).
  11. Elf Life: elves and faeries, epic adventure
    This one is interesting, sometimes you feel like you're missing out on some piece of information, but it's generally produced in a few months. Can be hard to follow at first. Still, it starts to make sense after a while. Interesting. Seems to be active again. Ages 17 and older, for nudity, although a modest reading option is also available.
  12. Nukees
    This is what Nuclear Physics majors are called. Drawing style is a bit crude in earlier strips, but the artist has been getting better and the art more creative. Giant nuclear-powered ants. Need I say more? Color, updated thrice weekly (MWF).
  13. Standing on the Necks of Giants
    This one's entertaining, and generally computer and corporationism-related (evil corporations). Suitable for all audiences.
  14. Youthtopia - A Webcomic (on hiatus for about a month atm)
    Excellent drawing quality and artistry! Interesting storyline, great ongoing plot. Recommended! If only it updated more often than once a week :) Expect occasional month-or-longer hiatuses.
  15. Zortic
    Most of these seem to be a loose parody of some work of fiction or movie that has been produced in the past, set in a science fiction setting with a spaceship and various types of strangely-colored aliens. Somewhat stylized drawing style; definitely competent. Updated three times a week. Suitable for all audiences.
  16. Evil, Inc.
    Pretty entertaining! I'm reading this one regularly. Basically, a corporation in the business of evil, supplying supervillains, and the like. Updated daily, mostly in B&W. Rated PG - suitable for most audiences.
  17. Special mention (thanks for the link!)
  18. (formerly
    This one is interesting. Pig Men of the Press is particularly weird (use the drop-down date box to change comics). (note: new url)

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