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Need for Speed: Shift settings and controls

A few brief notes on my settings, so I don't have to go and re-discover them again in a year or two.


I'm using a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel/pedal set.  Yes, it's very nice.  Yes, the force-feedback is actually quite useful for judging road grip.  Yes, I'm using it perfectly well on a Windows 7 PC.  You should consider buying one. ;)

Options: Gameplay: DRIVING

AI Difficulty: Medium (hey, I'm just getting used to the game)
Handling Model: Pro
Anti-lock Brakes: Off
Traction Control: Off
Stability Control: Off
Damage Effects: Visual Only (although I'm considering changing this to further encourage myself to drive like I'm in a real race)
Automatic Clutch: On (enough to keep track of as it is)
Gears: Automatic (see above)


Options: Gameplay: CONTROLS:

Preset 18 (Logitech Driving Force GT, separate axis brake/gas - *not* combined)


Options: Gameplay: ADJUST CONTROL:

Arguably one of the most important, in my estimation - partly because it wasn't immediately obvious why I was having such trouble using my wheel.

Steering Dead Zone: 3% (subject to adjustment - I like it twitchy)

Accelerator Dead Zone: 2% ^

Brake Dead Zone: 2% ^

Steering Sensitivity: 100%

Acceleration Sensitivity: 100% (very important - before I had to press the pedal down halfway before I got any response, and it was really messing me up - plus I didn't have much throw between little throttle and full throttle then.  Why they decided to default it to 50% is really weird to try and imagine.)

Braking Sensitivity: 100% (on the theory that I'd otherwise have the same problem - touching the brakes and nothing happening.  Dead pedal movement sucks.)

Force Feedback: 5.  (A matter of preference.  I don't want to risk wearing out the motor/gears prematurely, and this makes it easier on my arms.  What is power steering for if not letting the driver not have to struggle to direct the car, after all?)

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